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Whether hang-gliding in Rio or taking pictures of Pennsylvania’s Covered Bridges in the Fall, I seem to keep on the move.  Visit my travel pages for more...

professional bio

I served as chair of the Department of Psychology for 14 years and have collaborated nationally and internationally as a teacher and scientist. I have published in the areas of behavioral systems analysis, psychophysiology, laboratory and animal-behavior simulations, computer-based adaptive instruction, expert training systems, and multimedia educational modules.

In 1974 I was awarded a US/USSR Health Professional Exchange Scientist grant to study in Pavlov’s original Department of Physiology at the Institute for Experimental Medicine, Leningrad (now St. Petersburg).  In 1991, I and a colleague were awarded the Society for Computers in Psychology/Erlbaum Outstanding Paper Academic Excellence Award for a multimedia-based artificially intelligent resource library proof-of-concept in Behavioral Systems Analysis.  I also have received two international awards for contributions in Cybernetics and General Systems theory. In 2007 I received Rollins College’s Rita Bornstein Presidential Scholar Award for my national and international scholoarship.

Besides publishing over 40 peer reviewed journal articles and numerous book chapters, I also have produced video laser disc and computer presentation products for Brown and Benchmark Publishers in Developmental Psychology and original Virtual Laboratory Tour videos in Cognitive and Neuropsychology for my own company.  I am currently producing a new video series on Errorless Teaching strategies for developing communication skills in children with special needs.

In 1996 my laboratory introduced an interactive digital video laboratory simulation product, called CyberRat. CyberRat was upgraded to V 2.0 in 2003 and is used all over the world for teaching students how to train various behaviors in laboratory environments without having to use live animals  Another software product, called MediaMatrix, is a tutorial authoring and delivery system based on artificially intelligent and adaptive instructional technologies derived from my twenty-five years of behavioral systems research. I now distribute both CyberRat and MediaMatrix-delivered electronic textbook alternatives via my own company, (AI)2, Inc.

My most recent software project was a collaborative effort with my daughter, Jessica (pictured here at her graduation with me, my wife Rosalind, and my other daughter, Jennifer, and my son-in-law, Dan). The software is an adaptive training system called Train-To-Code.